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Magdora was a minor demon from the manga Devilman Grimoire.


Magdora is a molten-bodied demon resembling a blob of lava with a pair of gelatinous eyes and a large mouth.


Magdora's body consisted of burning magma. He could tunnel through the ground and cause earthquakes.


Under Muzan's orders, he was sent to attack Miki and co.'s school. He first appears erupting from a hole in the ground that two students fell into before, burning them both to death. Shortly after, Bela and Abil begin attacking students alongside Magdora. Seeing this, Miki Makimura transforms into her Devilman form and approaches them to fight, slicing Magdora in half with a sword before targeting the other two.


  • While based visually on Magdora, his powers seem more in tune with Nagoy, a similar demon In the original Devilman manga.