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Magdora was an avian magma demon that was sent to kill Akira Fudo with the tree devil Wuduu.


Magdora's entire body is covered in drooping lava. He has two short stumpy legs and large wings. He has a small head at front with two large eyes.


Magdora's could shoot intensely hot rays of lava from his mouth. He was also shown to be capable of flight.


Neither Magdora or Wuduu seemed to bright, both dieing due to their own stupidity.


Magdora was sent by Demon King Zennon alongside Wuduu to try and kill Akira Fudo. After Wuduu was killed, being split into three, Magdora flew down and began spitting his Lava spray at him. Fearing Magdora to strong for him, Akira fled to the nearby ocean and when Magdora approached he jumped up and kicked the demon into the ocean, where the water snuffed out Magdora's flame.