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Magistrum was a Judge of Hell and a powerful demon from the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman'. Magistrum led a court of demons that would kidnap humans they considered 'guilty' and bring them back to their freakish domain, the Hellgate for judgement and trial.


Magistrum was an old demon covered in long black hair. He had a large pair of black horns on his head. His face was covered in tiger-like stripes. He had large white blank eyes outlined in black and a long hooked nose. His human disguise resembled an old crooked man with a beard and white hair.


The Judge had many psychic abilities. Similar to the demoness Psycho Jenny he was able to exist outside of reality in the Timeslip, he could break through into reality at any time if he wanted to do so. He also had a human disguise and long claws.


Cruel and contemptuous, Magistrum was a warped demon with a love for war, bloodshed and the misery of humans. In spite of his disregard towards humanity, he had a love for some human arts as evidenced by his comments about the Orson Wells film, 'The Third Man'.


Magistrum was the leader of a large group of demons that patrolled the Timeslip, frequently he would dip out of the dimension to observe humanity in different eras of time, and as he did, he would kidnap humans he considered guilty and put them on trial inside his demonic court-house the Hellgate. Among these victims was Jeanne D'Arc, a young French martyr who valiantly tried to put an end to the 100 Year War. Unbeknownst to Magistrum, Akira Fudo and Ryo Asuka were themselves lost in the Timeslip when they overheard Magistrum's men on their way to kidnap Jeanne.

Jeanne is successfully captured, plucked from her timeline and ushered into the Hellgate, where upon she is quickly set upon by demons disguised as men and tied spread-eagled with chains. It is here Magistrum confronts her and begins to belittle her for her noble attempts, summarizing that humanity is at it's strongest when at war, and becomes soft and weak during times of peace. Jeanne's attempts to defend her self are shot down by jeers and mockery from the residing demons.

Ultimately, Magistrum dictates that Jeanne was a witch, and that a witch ought be burnt. He orders his followers to strip Jeanne naked and be readied for burning, but they are all stopped in their tracks when Akira arrives out of the fog, and defends Jeanne. Akira challenges the court to combat, while several demons flee, many try to fight and are quickly slain, the Hellgate crumbling to pieces in the process. Finally only Magistrum is left standing, quickly Fudo grapples him and uses Magistrum's own horns to twist and finally tear his head from his body, the Hellgate finally falling with it's master.


  • Many of his assistants resembled demons from the original manga, including Jinmen -Lamagg, Ryibyi - Gorloth, Esunotto - Crokus and Najuwarle - Diam. One of them also greatly resembled Vishvalic.
  • He was a fan of Orson Wells, his favourite film of his being "The Third Man".
  • His name is a obvious play on the word magistrate, a less formal civilian type of judge.