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Magoad was a massive but slightly dim witted demon from the first few chapters of Devilman Grimoire.


Magoad was a massive lizard-like demon several times bigger than Amon, he has a large pair of horns at the top of his head and black striped markings covering most of his body.

Powers and Abilities[]

Magoad's sheer size makes him a powerful threat, however as he wasn't the smartest his strategies mostly included rushing head first into battle.


After Miki Makimura attempts to summon several demons to help several girls find their missing friend several cloaked figures approach them and ask if they had seen a missing girl when they reply they haven't the figures reveal themselves as demons and kill the girls, Miki and her friend Akira flee but their escape is blocked by a demon named Massack, Akira attempts to save Miki by blocking her from the demons path however Miki attempts to save Akira and accidentally summons the demon Amon. Amon fuses with Akira and then kills Massack. The other demons stare in wonder, Magoad then runs full speed at Amon, saying that he was going to eat Amon and steal his power, Amon however grabs his horns and slices him into pieces with his devil cutter.

It is later shown in a flashback that Magoad was resurrected in a Black Sabbath held by Sirene, where he instantly begins to slaughter humans.