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Magoad was a minor demon from the animated film, Devilman: The Birth. He possesses one of the people at the Black Sabbath and tires to kill Akira Fudo.


Magoad was a tall humanoid demon with short dark green fur covering his body with black markings reaching down from his neck and a pink mane, he had hoofed feet and clawed hands. He had a draconian head with sharp teeth and a pair of large horns.


Magoad could run at fast speeds and ram into his opponents with his horns, he could also fly.


Magoad merged with one of the guests at Ryo Asuka's Black Sabbath. After Akira Fudo gained control over Amon to become Devilman, Magoad was one of the demons who confronted him.

He tried attacking Devilman in the rafters by charging at him, but Devilman caught him by the demon's two horns. Magoad managed to successfully slash Devilman with his claws, but was then thrown from the rafters to his death below.