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The Makippe Residence was the home to Saki and Makippe Mikimura, and later Maako. It is a minor location in the short manga 'Devilman: Strange Days'.


After the accidental death of their parents, the home was left to their children Makippe and Saki. The same accident left Saki "Crippled" and so Makippe was forced to run most of the houses errands, as well as look after her sister and keep up with her studies. Makippe would later welcome Maako into her home after her mother and schoolfriends were all eaten by Jinmen.

After the Anti-Demon Special Corps began their operations in M City, both sisters were quickly declared devils. Saki was murdered by Demon Busters, alongside her boyfriend Rokurou Ozu, and Makippe and Maako are forced to flee after the home is burnt down.