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Man with a Mission is a Japanese rock band affiliated with Sony Music Records formed in Shibuya. They are popularly known for the wolf masks they wear in their concerts and music videos to the point of being called a wolf band.

Backstory and Members[]

In the cover of the band's backstory, Man with a Mission's reason for the wolf masks is that they were created as the "Ultimate Lifeform" by Jimi Hendrix (who in this story is described as being a doctor of the guitar and a wolf biologist).

The band is composed of:

  • Tokyo Tanaka (Vocals)
  • Kamikaze Boy (Bass)
  • Jean-Ken Johnny (Vocals and Guitar)
  • DJ Santa Monica (Disc Jockey)
  • Spear Rib (Drums)


Go Nagai helped in designing the artwork for one of Man with a Mission's albums. In return, one of Nagai's iconic characters, Devilman, starred in the music video for their single "When My Devil Rises." The video depicted Devilman battling against enemies such as Sirene and Zennon.


MAN WITH A MISSION 『When My Devil Rises』