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Manjiro in Devilman

Manjiro was a member of the gang that would ally themselves with Akira Fudo after he rescued them from Zann and Rasber. He specialised in fighting with a bike chain.

  • Manjiro (Manga): He was a member of Masa Bokuto's gang, after initially trying to attack Akira he and the other allied themselves with him instead.
  • Manjiro (Amon): A member of Akira's Devilman army, Manjiro was closest to Tetsuya and became a Devilman himself before dying.
  • Manjiro (Gekiman): He plays a similar role to his original incarnation in the Devilman manga, only slightly expanded upon.
  • Manjiro (Grimoire): One of Amon's crew alongside Meriken-Jo and Tetsuya.
  • Manjiro (OVA): A violent thug seen near the beginning of the first OVA, he is stated to be mentally unstable and helped kill the school rabbits.