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Manjiro "The Chain" was a character seen in the animated film, Devilman: The Birth. Manjiro was a part of Masa Bokuto's gang.


Manjiro was a boy in his late teens or very early twenties, he had a muscled body and gaunt, slightly slanted eyes.His hair was short and dark. He wore a customised version of his school uniform, with spikes, chains and other parts added on to his coat, with a popped collar just to exemplify his edge.


Whilst having no abnormal powers, Manjiro was fairly strong, and skilled with using a bike chain on the offensive.


Manjiro is far more threatening than his original incarnation, and easily the most violent of the entire gang. Hinging perhaps on borderline psychopathic.


Manjiro and the rest of the gang sneak behind the school one day and kill the school rabbits, using them for target practice. When Akira Fudo comes to check on them finding only one of them alive, he panics and is surrounded by Manjiro and the others.

They demand that he gives them the rabbit, however when he refuses they begin to beat him up. Even then Akira still stubbornly refuses to do so, angering Manjiro until he starts to viciously attack him. He is stopped however by Masa. The gang is soon chased off by the arrival of Miki.