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Mantes K9 was a large Mechanical Beast  that was featured in the crossover film Mazinger Z VS. Devilman.


Mantes K9 was a brown and gold coloured Mechanical Beast with a large upper body made of metal, his knees, crotch and head are layered in golden spikes. His arms are a mix of drills and rockets.

Powers and Abilities[]

Mantes K9 is a very slow mover when walking, but can move quickly thanks to rockets placed in his arms, with the drills on his arms that are powerful enough to rip through thick ice and metal he could extend them as well. 


After the she demon Sirene was accidentally released in the wreckage of a battle. Dr. Hell recognizing Sirene as a member of the demon race and decided to follow her, once she has landed in the Himilayas Dr. Hell announced himself and sent out Mantes K9 to break the ice that was holding the demons. Sirene thinking it a threat lunged at Mantes K9 but realized that her attacks were useless against its armor and simply watched as Mantes then continued with its mission and released the demons from their slumber. He is later destroyed byMazinger Z in the final battle aboard his flying fortress Navalon.


  • Like several other Beasts in the film seems to be based on one from the original series in Mantes case it seems to be based on Yuribrin T9 a tunneling beast.
  • Mantes differs from his original concept idea greatly, originally resembling the Getter-2.