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Maria is one of the members of the Cult of Dante, and the assistant of its leader, Judah Hiroka. She is rarely seen away from his side. At the end of Devilman Lady, it is revealed that Maria is one of the demons who make up Zennon.


Maria resembles an attractive Caucasian woman with long light brown hair. Her clothing consists of a shirt, jacket, and skirt that cover a fox-like head on her lower body and a tail coming out the back end. In her fully transformed state, Maria is a gigantic centurion Devil Beast with the lower part of her body resembling a giant four-legged beast with a feline-like head coming from her crotch while her upper body has a humanoid shape with fur cover her body with her breasts exposed.


Upon Zennon's body, Maria takes a great satisfaction in riduculeing and dooming humanity, and saw their actions on Earth akin to parasites, having badly damaged the Earth throughout their species evolution. Maria serves as the right hand of Judah, being entirely loyal to him and the Cult of Dante's cause. She is hardly ever apart from Judah if at all and assists him in the cult's rituals at all times.


Maria in her transformed state is able to overpower smaller enemies thanks to her immense size. Like Judah she can shoot beams of intense energy at enemies and can even control minds with wicked thoughts whether they be Devil Beast Factor Devilman or demons.


Maria had always been by Hiroka's side, joining him in his plans of recruiting intelligent Devil Beasts and using Ryo Utsugi to find the body of the Demon King. When H.A. attacked their base, Maria showed her full power overpowering many enemy forces and working in tandem with Hiroka in order to turn the more malicious Devilmen to their cause. When it looked like they had Devilman Lady in their grasp, Lady escaped when she turned into her giant form and flew away. Maria along with Hiroka, Liger, and a Bird Devilman later combine with the Demon King to once again become Zennon.