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For the Demon in the same series, see Maria.

Maria Fudo (previously Langellan) is a geneticist in the Human Alliance and the the wife of Masato Fudo, and mother of Jun and Hikaru Fudo. She is later revealed to also be the mother of Lan Asuka by her first husband.

Appearance []

Maria Fudo is a middle aged half Japanese, half Caucasian woman with wavy hair, her skin shows a few wrinkles as a result of age.


Unlike her husband, Maria is less involved in the H.A. activities and really only wants to watch out for her family. Unfortunately, this leads to bad encounters with her first born child Asuka who wishes to keep Jun to herself.


As a geneticist, Maria helped in the development of drugs that would lessen the more severe effects of the Devil Beast syndrome, allowing a higher chance of becoming a Devilman.


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