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Marie Antoinette was the wife of the French King Louis XVI. An Austrian born noble she was disliked by France's general public for a number of reasons. In Shin Devilman her feelings of lonesome were taken advantage by the demon, Poirsenus.


Marie wore expensive and regal clothing, including a large, showy dress and a powdered wig.


Marie after being separated from her homeland of Austria and put into a loveless marriage with Louis XVI, was overcome with a great loneliness. As a result, she was unable to communicate with anyone aside from a demon that took advantage of her position for luxury and power. Under Poirsenus' influence, she committed many atrocities that eared Marie the ire of the people of France.


Akira and Ryo come across Marie in her quarters speaking with Poirsenus about the events that transpired. Akira sympathized with her, he fought against Poirsenus to at the very least give Marie justice and sucsesfully removes the demons head. After they leave, time passes with Marie being executed on the guillotine.