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Masa Bokuto in Devilman: The Birth

Masa Bokuto was originally a member of a gang that attacked Akira Fudo at his school. However after Akira saves his life, Masa and the other gang members join his fight against the demon menace.

  • Masa Bokuto (Manga): A gang member that starts off as an advisory, but later joins Akira's fight and dies trying to protect the Makimura's.
  • Masa Bokuto (Amon): Plays a similar role to the original version, and shares the same fate.
  • Masa Bokuto (Gekiman): Follows more or less the same story as the original, only with added information.

See Also:

  • Wamu: The gang leader from Devilman Crybaby, who is different in character but shares the same role and dies in the similar way.