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Masamoto was an overweight and lazy student who appeared in the 'Devilman Lady' manga. He was a member of the tennis team coached by Jun Fudo.


Masamoto was a large and overweight boy, with short dark hair and neat eyebrows. In spite of his weight he had sunken cheeks.


Masamoto was a lazy boy with a constant hungering for food. Its a wonder with that attitude and his weight, just why he was on a tennis team to begin with.


Masamoto was a member of Jun's tennis team. He was among the group that drove up to the mountains during one summer. After arriving at the wooden mountain cabin, Masamoto sat on the ground whining about his hunger, as his friends did all the heavy lifting around him. A little while later after food was finally cooked, Masamoto could be seen chomping down on his food, joyously.

His mutilated body is later discovered by Jun along with the other male students. His loose head hanging in the jaws of a thin Devil Beast. Jun later avenges Masamoto and the other boys after her transformation into Devilman Lady.