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Masaru is a young man caught up in the paranoia of his family and neighbors after the release of footage of demons on TV.

Appearance and Personality[]

Masaru is a young man of average height with short hair standing upright. His clothes usually consist of a shirt and jeans. Masaru likes being around his friends more than he does his average life family, with the exception of his grandfather. He is not one to follow a group, putting him at odds with everyone even suspecting he was a demon.


Masaru had lived an average life for most of his life. Before going down to dinner, he noticed something strange. By the time news was released about Demons via Ryo Asuka, Masaru thought it was a joke which caused his family to be suspicious. Annoyed with his family until his grandfather comes in, he went out to visit his friend Takeshi. Takeshi's however house was burned down. When neighbors asked him if he was friends with Takeshi, they began to try and attack him thinking he was a demon. Fleeing home on his motorcycle, his family tried to kill him out of paranoia. The only person who thought otherwise was his grandfather who was revealed to be a Devilman, to the point of killing Masaru's father Toshio. His grandfather then sends him back in time before everything started. Before Masaru could go down to dinner, he recalled the events from before and faked being sick to avoid the same fate.