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Masaru's Grandfather was an ancient Devilman. He was the father of Yasuko and grandfather of Masaru and Mina.


He was hundereds of years old, however due to him being a Devilman he had much more longlivety than normal humans however he was still incredibly old, In his Devilman form he was several meters high and had shell like armourcovering his body, on his right arm he had one large arm, and on the left he had two long and thin arms with razor like fingers.

Powers and Abilites[]

He was a Devilman of great power, he was able to travel through time useing something he called his screw. And with his razor like fingers he would presumeably be somewhat of a physical threat aswell.


In the past he had apparently encountered the demon race before. Later a while after Ryo Asuka had rememberd his true origins as Satan he has himself interveiwed on live tv and shows a news report of Akira Fudo's frist transformation into Devilman. Masaru laughs at the report thinking it to be a joke, however the rest of his family think that he was a demon, this starts to annoy him however the tension is brken when his grandfather come through for dinner. Masaru angry at his family leaves the house to see his freind Takeshi.

When he gets back he is attacked by his sister Mina however she quickly retreats back to her room as their father Toshio comes running at him with a baseball bat however his grandfather grabs hold of the bat and tells him to stop, Yoshio however accuses him of being a demon and attempts to hit him, however the old man picks him up by the head and throws him at a fire place where he breaks his neck and dies. The old man the tells his grandson to follow him outside where he transforms into his Devilman form. He says that he had met the demons in the old days and that he could travel back in time several hours if Masaru wanted putting things back to how it was a few hours ago, Masaru said he did and his grandfather tells him to grab hold of him as he traveled back into the past.