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Massack was one of a small squad of demons encountered early on in Devilman Grimoire, he is the main enemy of the first chapter.


Massack was a short human sized demon with black markings across his face and dark sunken eyes with a layer of jagged fangs, his left arm forms into a massive blade and his right also forms into a blade but also has a hand, Massack also has a short tail.

Powers and Abilities[]

Massack has no projectile or psychic attacks, instead he has two large but powerful blades on either arms. He could also use a human disguise.


Late one night after Miki Makimura had agreed to help a group of girls to find their missing friend, Miki along with Akira draw a pentagram on the floor, and Miki then tells the girls to join her in the circle, they do so and Miki attempts to summon demons, nothing happens. However a group of cloaked figures approach them and ask if they had seen a girl. One girl approaches them and says no, however as she nears them Massack throws away his cloak and cuts the girl clean in half, the other demons reveal themselves and slaughter the other two girls. Akira blocks the path between Massack and Miki, telling her to run.

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Massack after losing his arms

Massack cuts off his leg and moves in to bite his neck, however Miki summons attempts to summon a demon again and this time has some success and manages to summon the demon Amon who fuses with Akira. The demons all stand back in confusion as to why Amon was there, Massack come up to Amon and lunges at him, however Amon grabs his arms and rips them off, Massack runs back in pain, with blood splashing out of his wounds before tripping, Amon then brings his foot down and crushes his head.


  • A single panel of Massack cutting into Akira's leg is a redrawing of the origonal Massack scene in Devilman.