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Massack was a small demon with large blades on his arms, he is a minor character in the animated film Devilman: The Birth.


Differing somewhat to his manga counterpart, Massack has pale yellow skin, a thin body and a small tail. He had large red eyes, a snout-like nose and pencil-like teeth. He has blades attached to each arm replacing his hands.


Massack was deadly in battle due to the blades attached to both his arms, replacing his arms.


After Akira Fudo is forced into putting on the Demon Mask by his friend Ryo, he is suddenly shown visions of the demons in the Cretaceous era of the world.

Among them was Massack in a battle with another demon named Caboon. Massack attempts to hit Caboon with his claw, but the demon bites down on his arm and sprays a purple acid in his face melting the right side of it. Massack raises his free arm and brings it down cutting off Caboon's head.