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Puffurle in Devilman

Massami Izumi (泉まさみ Izumi Massami?) is a young Devilman that was formerly a school teacher before she fused with the canine demon Puffurle. She had a extensive knowledge of Christianity and served as Akira Fudo's aide during the apocalypse.

Massami Izumi:[]

  • Massami Izumi (Manga): Akira's aide during the end of days.
  • Massami Izumi (Grimoire): The only version not to become a Devilman, she is instead overtaken by the demon, becoming the host.
  • Masami Izumi (Gekiman): She shares the same role as she does in the original.
  • Massami Izumi (Amon): Here, she serves as a supporting character, usually appearing during group scenes.


  • Puffurle (Manga): A canine-like demon with white fur.
  • Puffurle (Grimoire): She takes over Massami's body after she was almost killed by the demon Loscead.
  • Puffurle (Gekiman): Same as the original, she failed in fusing with Massami.
  • Puffurle (Amon): This version fuses with the young pilgrim girl Mako.

See Also:[]

  • Mako: A young girl who fused with Puffurle.
  • Kana Hatamowa: A young schoolgirl who fuses with Puffurle or a demon or a similar species.
  • Tako: Originally the pet housecat of the Makimura family, Tako fused with a demon and would later became "Devilcat". While Tako doesn't fuse with Puffurle, although he shares the same role towards the end of the series.