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Massami Izumi is a human woman in her early twenties who was bored with her mundane life. She becomes the unwitting host of the demon Puffurle.


Massami is a young woman of average height and figure of her age. She shoulder length dark hair, has dark eyes, and wears ovaloid glasses. For clothing, she dressed in a tie-button coat worn over a sweater and pants.


Before her possession/transformation, Izumi was a bored and lonely young woman in her twenties, longing not to work a job that took long until midnight, and wanted to be married as soon as she could. She can be a bit perverted; she thought the reading on her fortune would indicate she would be sexually devoured by the man she would be fated to be with.

When it comes to facing demons, she is easily scared and brought to the point of insanity. This caused her to get easily possessed and transformed by her demon, Puffurle.