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Masstuff was a demon from the Devilman manga. He assisted Medoc in the failed attempt to initiate a nuclear war, and paid a dear price. 


Masstuff had the body of a human, only with two reptilian-like heads with large round eyes and dark lopped ears that jutted outwards. He wore a loose pale suit with a striped tie.


While not having any known physical powers, Masstuff had a great intelligence, supposedly far superior to that of many other demons.


Masstuff had a brain in each head with a different personality for each, however they spoke as a singular person.


After Zennon had announced the forthcoming demon invasion across the world, it took only five minuets for a swarm of devils to begin descending down upon the cities of the world, killing and destroying all they could. Masstuff took over the body of a high ranking Russian politician, while his leader, Medoc, takes over the Secretary General.

Masstuff was present when Medoc announced his plans of a mass nuclear war over the phone to the American President. However as a missile flies over Japan, aimed to hit Russia, it vanishes into mid-air. Medoc panics and asks Masstuff what he thought happened, to which the twin-headed devil said that whatever happened, it wasn't human's that stopped the rocket. Moments after, the two demons are shocked to see the room engulfed in a intense light. The two devils fall into panic as the world around them burns away, Masstuff completely unable to comprehend what was happening as his body is enveloped and burned away, the twin-headed devil screaming in agony as it did so.


  • Masstuff was advertised to have a figure released by Marmit, though it was never released. He was given a orange colour scheme with a grey suit on the back of the box packaging.