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Mazinger is a Super Robot media franchise created by Go Nagai and Dynamic Productions. It was the first Mecha manga and anime to feature the internally piloted robot theme, as well as the acts of calling out names, and the pilot and robot acting like a single unit. Along with Devilman, Cutey Honey, and Getter Robo it is one of Dynamic Productions most popular series.

General Formula[]

Most series in the Mazinger franchise follow the adventures of Koji Kabuto and different versions of the Super Robot Mazinger Z, a robot said to have the power of a God or a Devil depending on how it was used. Koji fights against threats such as the maniacal Dr. Hell and his Mechanical Beasts, to prevent Dr. Hell from taking over the world.

Other series in the franchise such as Great Mazinger and Grendizer follow a similar formula but with different characters and plot.

Mazinger in Devilman[]

As one of Dynamic Pro.'s most popular series, there have been references to Devilman within and out of either franchise. As both series manga and anime were released in 1972 and by the same companies, they were often paired in promotional events, including anniversaries.

  • A crossover film, Mazinger Z vs Devilman featured the anime versions of both Mazinger and Devilman that was about a team-up between Koji and Devilman against the alliance between Dr. Hell and Sirene.
  • A manga by Team-Moon, Devilman vs. Hades features Devilman traveling through the underworld before encountering the Emperor of Darkness, a major villain from the Great Mazinger manga and anime as well as Dr. Hell.
  • Many Mazinger characters are seen in the crossover manga Dynamic Heroes.


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