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The Mechanical Beasts were the main soldiers of Dr. Hell, he used them in his attempts to take over the Earth. However he is defeated every time he tries by Koji Kabuto and his robot Mazinger Z.


The Mechanical Beasts are all different in design, usually designed to fit their surroundings, for instance a flying Beast could be fitted with wings, and a swimming Beast would be fitted with fins.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Beasts are all equipped with different weaponry and equipment to fit their purpose.


Dr. Hell first sends a trio of Beasts to destroy the Photon Power Labratory however they are defeated by the Mazinger Z andAphrodite A, however in the battle the demoness Sirene is accidentally released in the battle, later after Dr. Hell had formed a truce with Sirene and two other demons, he sent a large group of Beasts to rampage around Japan before finally coming to face alongside the Mazinger Z and Devilman, in the battle they are all eventually destroyed alongside the three demons by the two hero's combined forces.

List of Beasts in Mazinger Z Vs Devilman[]