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Medusa Gorgon (メデューサ・ゴーゴン Medyūsa Gōgon?) was the lover of Dante since their days in the city of Soddom and a main supporting character in the manga Demon Lord Dante.


Medusa was a beautiful woman with long blue hair with matching coloured eyes. In her demon form, her legs were covered in a thin layer of hair, her chest and breasts were covered in scales and her hair was a large mass of red elongated strands.


Medusa was initially a caring and friendly girl who was in love with the demon Dante. After years of subjugation, she wouldn't even flinch at the idea of killing any humans who pestered her. She was a proud advocator for the justice of demon-kind.


Medusa like many demons could change between her human disguise and demon form. Her primary ability is to use her hair like extra limbs and could turn any living creature to stone via her glare. She was also able to create illusions.


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  • According to an interview, Medusa is Go Nagai's favorite character in Demon Lord Dante.
  • Medusa demonic rebirth, wherein she and a tree covered in vines are both engulfed in alien flames, is a sequence that is later remade and re-framed early on in the 'Devilman' manga, with the scene with Fraless and her fusion with the snake and tree.