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Meriken-Jo in Gekiman

Meriken-Jo is a short and overweight boy in his late teens, he was a member of Masa Bokuto's gang and would later ally himself with Akira Fudo after he and his fellow gang members were attacked by the demons Zann and Rasber.

  • Meriken-Jo (Manga): Meriken-Jo was in a gang that originally tried to attack Akira, only to later ally with him after he saved them from a demon attack.
  • Meriken-Jo (Gekiman): He plays largely the same role here as he did in the original manga.
  • Meriken-Jo (Amon): Makes several appearances as a major supporting character, he was best friends with Dosu-Roku and is the only member of the gang not shown to be explicitly killed.
  • Meriken-Jo (Grimoire): A supporting character that served as part of Amon's school gang alongside Manjiro and Tetsuya. He eventually became a Devilman after fusing with the demon Rasber.
  • Meriken-Jo (Breakdown): Jo makes a brief appearence towards the end, protecting his freinds from demons attacking the school.