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Mermane in Devilman Grimoire

Mermane is a female sea demoness that has appeared several times over the franchise. She has various magical abilities and carries a large staff.

  • Mermane (TV): Mermane is sent by her master Lord Zennon to kill the demon traitor Devilman. She almost succeeds in doing so. But doesn't and dies instead.
  • Mermane (Isako): She appears as one of many demons to try and defeat Devilman.
  • Mermane (Dynamic Heroes): She returns, resurrected from the dead to serve Sister Jill. She is eventually killed by Honey Kisaragi.
  • Mermane (Grimoire): Here she has a minor role as the demon who fuses with Jun Lan, though fails to dominate the body allowing for Lan to become a Devilman.