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Michael's Battle Steed (マイケルのバトルスティード Maikeru no batorusutīdo?) was a gigantic creature that was a angelic reflection of the demon Caliorruar which was ridden by Satan. It was used by Archangel Michael in the closing chapter of the Devilman Lady manga series.


The creature resembled a gigantic seven headed horse, it had blue fur and a dark purple mane and yellow eyes. Each head had a different color horn set on each head and a pair of wings on its legs, it had a massive split crystalline tail.


The creature had the power of flight, it's not shown to use any other powers, however its like to have had a great amount of power.


After Satan and Akira join their forces to battle against God, they go into space to fight against the Angelic Army of God, Michael stands upon the gigantic creature as he led God's forces.