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Mico in Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman

Mikiko Kawamoto (川本美希子 Kawamoto Mikiko?) better known as Mico (ミコ Miko?), she was a teenage Devilman. Fused with the demon named Tollg, she was able to release acid from orifices on her chests and crotch area.


Mikiko Kawamoto: A young Christian girl who is among the first Devilmen. She is captured by Demon Busters who adapt her acid into their weaponry.
Mikiko Kawamoto (Amon): A major supporting character, here she has a romance with Dosu-Roku.
Mikiko Kawamoto (Grimoire): A bright but troubled young girl who become a Devilman after fusing with the demon Tollg.
Mikiko Kawamoto (Gekiman): Follows a similar story to the original Devilman.


Mikiko Kawamoto (Crybaby): A Devilman, kept in captivity by the surviving humans.
Mico (OVA): She is a member of the Devilman Corps, and watches it fall apart with the emergence of Amon.

Live Action[]

Mikiko Kawamoto (Film): Lacks the signature appearance of Tollg, yet remains an important character.

See Also[]

Miki Kuroda: Nicknamed Miko is heavily based on Mikiko and Aoi Kurosaki.