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Miki Makimura is Akira Fudo's childhood friend and love interest, serving as a supporting character in Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman.


Miki is a girl in her late teens, she has brown eyes with a matching hair color that has a short length and has a yellow hairband going through. She is often seen in her school's fall uniform for most of the OVA.


Miki is a kind girl with a strong sense of righteousness, showing bravery in the face of danger as shown when she used her school bag to throw two thugs off their moped without hesitation. She is easy to like, as shown when she makes fast friends with Eva Maria Pallares. She has romantic feelings for her childhood friend Akira Fudo, but will not hesitate to chastise him when necessary. 


When Miki was walking to school, she spotted a pair of delinquents stealing a purse and hit them with her school bag in retaliation. Miki then told them off while Akira got their moped and left near an edge for the thugs to turn their focus on. At school, Miki quickly befriends the transfer student Eva and introduces her to Akira while chastising him for skipping class again.

The next day, with Akira absent, Miki spends the day with Eva speaking about Akira and Eva's brother Set. Miki cries when she hears about Set's condition when suddenly the sky turns red and demons drop from the sky. While Miki wanted to protect Eva, she passed out from fright. She was later abducted by Eva (revealed to Cyborg 0015) to bring Akira to Dr. Adams base. Miki is placed in a cell on the island where she spends her time until she is liberated by Eva and Ryo Asuka. She is driven back home after the battle against the High-Teen Cyborgs and Atun. At school, Miki is unable to recall Eva but instinctively goes to the places she did with her.


  • Miki's key chain is that of Daemon Abashiri/Danbei, a character from several of Go Nagai's manga series, notably Abashiri Ikka and Cutie Honey