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Miki Makimura was a supporting character in the animated film, Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman. She was the lover of Akira Fudo and one of the few things that kept his sanity in the intense stress of the world.


Miki was an attractive girl in her late teens, she had short brown hair and accompanying brown eyes. She wore a blue mini, pink top and a pink hairband, though she also had a blue and white sailor schoolgirl uniform.


Miki was a sweet girl, seemingly quite gentle and wholly and utterly in love with Akira. She cared for her younger brother, Tare, while her parents were away and seemed quite responsible in spite of her young age.


The events in this film took place after existence of demons had become common knowledge and as a result people had become fearful of the possibility of demons posing as normal humans.

Miki is first seen taking the bus home but is forced to walk most of the way home on foot after the bus driver was attacked by a fearful man on board. Back home she meets up with her younger brother, Kensaku, who informs her that after three days absence Akira still hadn't returned home and that their father had gone demon hunting. Miki becomes worried that people would begin assuming that they might be demons.

Later that night, Ryo Asuka appears on a live broadcast with footage from the Black Sabbath, wherein Akira transformed into Devilman. He purposefully mislead the people into believing that demons could freely posses human beings, thus causing mass panic and rioting. And as another direct corollary, Miki and her brother are murdered by a mob of deranged demon hunting civilians for knowing Akira. Just as the mob has set the Makimura residence ablaze and have impaled Miki's head on a pike, Akira arrives and in a fit of utter rage and hatred transforms and murders the entire mob. With the slaughter coming to a close, Devilman picks the girl's head up and cries over it, all the while being viewed from afar by Satan and Psycho Jenny.

Miki's death becomes the catalyst for Akira's complete mental breakdown, which caused him to let his guard down, a window for the demon Amon to take control of his body. Having become the dominant personality, Amon goes on a rampage, murdering Saylos and his entire demon army, but also the devilman Yumi. Just as Amon begins his onslaught against Satan the latter shouts out to Akira's conscious, which had been laying dormant inside Amon's body. Inside their shared subconscious, Akira and Amon fight for dominance. At first Amon has the upper-hand, but Akira ultimately defeats the demon warrior after realizing that Miki had loved him in life and that she did not blame him for her death.