Miki Makimura is the main heroine and the love interest of Akira Fudo in Devilman Crybaby. She is also apart of Kamigaku's track and field team.


Miki is a young teenage girl of average height who is considered to be cute by many of her peers. She has raven brown hair and green eyes. She has a lean figure including defined abdominal muscles that are seldom shown. As the show goes on, Miki changes from a number of outfits, including a feminine two-piece green track and field suit; a white blouse with blue jeans; and her school uniform, which included a dress shirt, a green skirt, and black leggings and shoes. Miki is commonly dressed in a yellow sleeveless top and green shorts when at home.


Miki was a kind girl who wanted to love everyone. Having grown up around her devout Christian father and facing persecution for being bi-racial, Miki believed in seeing more than just the surface of someone as well as getting to know them better. She would do anything in the need of the people she cares for. As such, she gives consideration to people, including Koji Nagasaki, who often has ulterior motives towards her and even Wamu's gang when they were being held at gunpoint by the police. Even when the presence of demons was made known, Miki refused to take part in festering anarchy that swept the nation, as she remained resolute in her faith in love and prosperity.

She even took to social media to argue in Akira's defense of being a Devilman. Even though it was highly possible of putting herself and the friends that were with her at the time in danger due to humanity succumbing to the fear caused by Satan, she did so regardless to prove Akira had a human heart.


While Miki has no special abilities outside of a regular human, she is the fastest member of the track team and is able to run at moderately high speeds to the point of going to another side of an area in just a few seconds.


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Trivia Edit

  • Miki's English Voice Actress, Cristina Vee, returns to voice Miki Makimura, whom she previously played in the Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman OVA. Astonishingly enough, while most of the cast from that OVA do indeed return, she is the only actor to reprise the same role.
  • Unlike other iterations, this version of Miki is half-European from her father's side, accented by their green eyes.

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