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Miki Makimura in Devilman
Miki Makimura (牧村美樹 Makimura Maki?) is one of the main characters of the Devilman franchise, appearing in nearly every iteration of the story. as Miki plays the role of Akira Fudo's childhood friend, as her family takes him in, and often becomes his love interest. Her prominence in the story varies from each series, becoming a supporting character to even a co-lead with Akira.


Miki Makimura (Manga): A feisty girl, she was good friends with Akira and eventually fell in love with him.
Miki Makimura (Grimoire): The secondary and sometimes main protagonist of the series, in this incarnation she fights alongside her lover as a Devilman.
Miki Makimura (CB Chara): A quick to anger girl, she was Akira's girlfriend which made Sirene quite jealous.
Miki Makimura (Devilman vs Getter Robo): Akira's girlfriend. She was nearly killed by Ghelmer only to be saved by Devilman.
Miki Makimura (Gekiman): A youth heroine who is often targeted by the demons.
Miki Makimura (Dynamic Heroes): A minor character only seen towards at end of the manga.
Miki Makimura (Hiruta): Devilman's girlfriend often targeted by demons.


Miki Makimura (Film): the live-action version of Miki from the 2004 film.


Miki Makimura (OVA): A more reserved version, she was good friends with Akira and there was a lot of romantic tension between the two, she found it annoying when Akira was too scared to admit it.
Miki Makimura (TV): A friendly human girl that stole Devilman's heart and made him decide to betray the Demon Tribe.
Miki Makimura (009 vs. Devilman)
Miki Makimura (Crybaby):A pacificist Christian, this Miki is half-Japanese and half-European unlike other versions of the characters.
Miki Makimura (AMON OVA):