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Miki Makimura was a pretty young human girl that had stolen the heart of the rebellious Akira Fudo, it was her beauty that helped him retain his human heart and become Devilman.


Miki was a beautiful young girl, with short dark hair kept in place neatly with a hairband. She typically wore formal dresses and other in fashion articles of clothing from the time.


During her short time under the demon Vetra's possession, she temporarily gained superhuman abilities including being able to stick to walls, jump extremely high and shoot strong, sticky web from the palms of her hands.


Miki was a pure hearted young girl, she had romantic feelings for Akira and loved her family greatly, though she would frequently chastise Akira for his brash behaviour.


Miki and her parents allowed for Akira to stay with them after the death of his parents, and the two quickly became firm friends, with Miki developing romantic feelings for Akira as they approached their late teens. 

When Akira was possessed by Devilman, it was thoughts of Miki that kept him strong and allowed for him to subdue the demons spirit. Not long after the demoness Sirene kidnapped Miki hoping to use her body as her human guise, but is rescued by Akira, who promptly burns Sirene to a crisp. From then on Akira vowed to protect both Miki and humanity as a whole from the emerging onslaught of demon kind.