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Mikiko Kawamoto (川本美希子 Kawamoto Mikiko?) was a minor character in the Devilman Crybaby anime, she only appears only briefly at the very end.


Mikiko was a Japanese girl in her late teens, she had short black hair and a slender frame. The grotesque demon Tollg is spread across her body with orifices on her breasts and crotch, with two white eyes just above the lower one.


Mikiko is able to emit deadly acids from the orifices, strong enough to dissolve skin and even bone.


Mikiko Kawamoto was a Devilman that was captured by the last surviving humans and taken into a underground laboratory where she was subjected to extreme torture and experiments.

During the eve of the final war between the Devilmen and the Demons, a large devil crashes through the laboratory and kills the scientist looking over her and several other captive Devilmen. as The demon breaks open the pod with Mikiko was trapped in asking if she was a demon, to which she proudly exclaims that she's a Devilman, dousing the demon with her acid blasts.


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