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Milk (Nicknamed Miss. Big Breasts) was a teacher at Nakado Academy. She taught Tare's class and had an incredibly no-nonsense attitude to the demon attacks.


Milk was a tall muscular woman with light brown hair with curled sideburns and a ponytail. She had brown eyes and wore bright coloured clothing.


Milk was a tough and no-nonsense lady who was more than happy to lash out when the time was right against her students and fellow teachers.


Prior to teaching Milk had been the Japanese women's wrestling champion.

Milk is first seen teaching her students as she reprimands Tare for sleeping in class. However unknown to her her, Tare had been possessed by one of Vetra's Spiders and he turns to attack her. In response she grabs him and throws him to the ground causing the spider to flee and Tare to pass out. She immediately calls Akira and Miki before she tends to the child's injuries.

Later during the attack by the Three Eye Brothers, the demoness Ganda haunts Tare by appearing as a disembodied eye before him. Tare screams and Milk sends him to wait outside. However the screams continue outside and she angrily looks out on Tare only to see Ganda's eye and faints.


  • Milk, similar to the other teachers is based on a common Nagai character archetype often a large muscular woman usually a teacher.