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Vital statistics
Name Mina
First Appearance Neo Devilman
Species human
Physical attributes
Powers none
alignment good

Mina was the sister ofMasaru and a minor character from the first story of Neo Devilman Vol 2.


Mina was a young Japanese girl in her late teens, she was short but wore dumpy clothing.


Mina is seen sitting with her parents watching the television at the table when a news report comes on interviewing Ryo Asuka on the recent demon menace, he then shows a video showing the transformation of Akira Fudo. When her brother Masaru starts to laugh at it, paranoia gets the better of her and her parents and they suspect him of being a demon. This pisses him off and he leaves to go to his friend Takashi. 

After being scared by a mob Takeshi returns home however the moment he gets through the door Mina stabs him in the arm with a knife tied to the end of a pole, when Masaru feebly asks why to which she whimpers and runs upstairs.