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Minus was one of two cyborgs making up 0010, the other being his twin Plus. They make a small cameo in the OVA series 'Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman'.


0010 Plus and Minus are near identical twin cyborgs with spiky gray hair, white skin, red eyes, black eyebrows, and yellow markings on their face, bodies, and uniforms to resemble the flow of electricity. Minus' uniform is in a deep blue shade.


Minus and his brother were both capable of electricity manipulation, and could move at super-human speeds.


In the past, the 00 Cyborgs are confronted by Plus and Minus shortly after their escape for freedom, having been sent by Black Ghost to either reclaim or destroy them. The ensuing battle caused the deaths of both Plus and Minus.

Ryo Asuka would later comes across files on the twins, among others, when researching into Black Ghost and the 00 Cyborgs.