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Mita's Freind was a young student at Jun Fudo's school. She was friends with a meek boy named Mita, and due to this she became a victim of his harasser, Kyoji Okuda.


She was a short girl with fair hair tied in a bun with two tails coming down at the front.


While not romantically interested, she cared deeply for Mita and refused to think badly on him even after his carelessness in getting her attacked.


She was first seen talking to Mita before class one day. Mita's teacher Jun Fudo sees them and smiles, proud of Mita. Unfortunately, Mita's bully Kyoji Okuda also saw them talking, and after they had parted ways he confronts Mita and orders him to bring his friend the the Biology room. Reluctantly he does so and the girl is almost instantly set upon by Okuda and three of his friends who tear away her clothing and begin molesting her. Okuda continues to taunt Mita, who eventually transforms into a horrific spider-like creature and begins to kill the girls attackers before vanishing. Later on, while Lan Asuka talks to the girl, she says that she was sure Mita only brought her there under duress and that he summoned the spider creature to help her at the cost of his own life.