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Mr. Katayama was a school teacher with a firm set of principals, and was unafraid to raise a hand if a student was out of line.


Katayama was a well built man with a square shaped face. He had thin dark hair and heavy eyebrows.


Katayama was a firm teacher that had no problem with hitting a troublesome student when they acted out of course.


After witnessing a event between Kyoji Okuda, Takeo Uno and her student Mita, Jun Fudo came to Mr. Katayama and spoke to him about her worries that Okuda was leading Uno in bullying Mita. Katayama quickly got angry and thanked Fudo for bringing her concerns to him, promising to sort the situation out.

Later, after police had come to the school investigating the circumstances around Uno's violent death the prior night, Mr. Katayama is questioned by the police. He tells them about Okuda and takes them to find him when they hear Okuda's screams. Katayama and several police rush to the scene and are horrified to see Okuda dead and a massive spider-like thing (In truth a transformed Mita) standing on the ceiling. Mita then drops down and slices of Katayama's head. He kills a few policemen before fleeing outside.