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Noel Makimura in Devilman CrybabyMr. Makimura (Mr.牧村さん Makimura-san?) was the father of Miki and Kensaku Makimura, and the adopted father of Akira Fudo. He was a supporting character in many of the various series, typically working as a scientist or doctor.


Kozo Makimura: Appearing in the original Devilman manga series, Kozo was a hard man and loving father. He went face to face with the demon Loscead, and eventually died at the hands of cruel human tortures alongside his wife.
Kozo Makimura (Grimoire): A rather rugged man with a strong love of women, which would often bring him the spurn of his wife. 
Kozo Makimura (Gekiman): He serves a similar role as he did in the original manga.
Mr. Makimura (Hiruta): A stern father that would occasionally fall prey to demon attack, only to be rescued by Akira Fudo.


Kozo Makimura (Amon): A loving father that dies at the hands of the Demon Busters.
Noel Makimura: Appearing in Devilman Crybaby, Noel was an American that ran a vegan restaurant with his wife. He was a devout Christian and passed his faith onto his two children.

Kousaku Makimura: Appearing in the '72 anime series, Kousaku was an archaeologist and friend of Professor Fudo. He would occasionally take his children on trips across the world during work, which would often lead to them being attacked by demons.

Mr. Makimura (OVA): A loving father and husband, he is seen falling victim to Agwel during Sirene's attack.

Live Action[]

Keisuke Makimura: Appearing in the 2004 live-action adaptation, Keisuke is the father of Miki Makimura and supporting character in the film.