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Mr. Makimura (牧村さん Makimura-san?) is a supporting character in the Devilman manga by Mitsuru Hiruta. He is the adoptive father of Akira Fudo, having raised him after the death of his father.


Mr. Makimura is a middle-aged man, with short light-colored hair with sideburns and a moustache above his lip. He is frequently seen with a lit pipe and dresses smartly.


Makimura was a stern but loving father, not above raising his hand to his children when they misbehaved. He was best friends with Professor Fudo and saw to raising Akia as his own son in respect after his passing.


Makimura took in Akira Fudo after the death of his father as a boy, and raised him alongside his own children Miki and Kensaku. He took care of all three alongside his wife and was proud on the job he did in looking after Akira.

After Akira gained the abilities of the demon known as Devilman, Makimura and his family were constantly put at odds during attacks from demon forces, and his home was the scene of several attacks, nevertheless Akira protected the Makimura's from danger whenever it reared its head.