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Megumi Makimura in the live action Devilman film.

Mrs. Makimura is the long suffering mother of Kensaku and Miki Makimura and the adoptive mother of Akira Fudo. She is a supporting character in many different versions of the Devilman series.

  • Akiko Makimura (Amon): Following a similar role to the original, she is a good mother that is cruelly slain by the Demon Busters.
  • Akiko Makimura (Grimoire): A much younger version then we had seen before, she was a blunt woman that put up with a lot of teasing from her husband.
  • Akiko Makimura (Gekiman): She roughly serves the same role as she does in the original in the auto-biographical manga. 
  • Megumi Makimura: Appearing in the Live-Action Devilman film, Megumi was a fond cook and mother to Miki Makimura.
  • Mrs. Makimura (TV): A frequent damsel in distress, she was a quiet woman that frequently fell victim to demon attacks.
  • Mrs. Makimura (OVA): She has only a minor role in the OVA, falling victim to the demon Agwel during a demonic attack.