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Mrs. Makimura was the mother of Miki and Kensaku Makimura, and adoptive carer of Akira Fudo.


She was a young thin woman with dark curly hair. She is seen only wearing stereotypical woman's home wear of the time such as an apron.


Mrs. Makimura was a caring mother but supposedly put up with a lot of teasing from her husband. She was deeply afraid of mice.


Mrs. Makimura made only a few infrequent appearances in the manga, first appearing during Gondoroma's invasion, screaming at a large mouse her son Kensaku had brought home. She begged her husband to convince their son to get rid of it, but he just scoffed at her panic. Mrs. Makimura left the room angrily, slamming the door behind her.

She appears breifly a little later on, comforting her son after seeing his fear about the strange killings commited by the demon Zool.