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Ms. Alphonne was a school teacher at St. Chapel Academy and taught both Honey Kisagari and Natsuko Aki.


Ms. Alphonne is a tall, spindly lady with an ugly face. She has large bags under her eyes and her neat hair cut short with a prominent parting in the middle.


She was a rather dim-witted teacher, and scoffed at the idea of anything supernatural. Inappropriately she thirsted after her students, such as Honey and even her co-workers such as the temporary teacher Jun Fudo


Ms. Alphonne was first seen welcoming the new teacher Jun Fudo into the school during a assembly, and fawning over her as she did so.

Later on, after the feral Devil Beast Ichigo Koyama attacked Scarlet Hamano and her girlfriend Natsuko Aki, Jun tried to warn Ms. Alphonne and Principal Pochi about the dangers, but the two teachers just scoff at the idea of monsters.