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NURO Devilman is a campaign by the Japanese internet access service NURO by the company So-net, using a Devilman motif as advertisement by utilizing various special effects and a set of short stories on their official site. The story is written by Takuma Takasaki and the official site has music played by the band envy. The campaign started on October 6, 2013.


The story used on the official sites and posts describes the battle between humans and demons, as well as the deteoriating lives of people, and an inevitable event that will bring the end of humanity. Some of the observations are from the main characters of the original manga, Akira Fudo and Ryo Asuka. A bonus feature called Drifter shows a person among a crowd of people dancing in a bright light as Devilman and more demons appear in a battle while some of the people start to kill each other. The person at the start is then killed after descending in a state of madness yet the process repeats itself.


The campaign became successful with a broadened audience applying for NURO and received a bronze award at the 2013 ADC Awards.

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