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Nafiro was a small cat-like demon seen shortly after the birth of Devilman, seemingly acting as something of a scout.


Nafiro resembled a small black cat, however in actuality he had large bat like wings, a spiked rigid layer of back bones sticking out from his back and some shot spiked horns. That said, even as a cat he was a little funny looking. Cute, but funny looking.


Nafiro is seen to be capable of flight, and could rip and tear with his claws.


After Akira Fudo had beaten up Dosu-Roku and his gang, Nafiro observes Fudo and realises that he was the boy who had taken over the body of the demon hero Amon, before letting out a laugh. Suddenly he begins to transform, growing in size and sprouting massive bat-like wings and takes flight, flying away into the night to spread word of his discovery.


  • In the manga Devilman Grimoire the demon Jacon (origonally a cat demon from the anime) takes the place of Nafiro, and even does battle (Albeit briefly) with Amon.