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Najuwarle is a minor aquatic demon that was seen towards the end of Devilman: The Birth. Najuwarle was among the large group seen at the Black Sabbath.


Najuwarle was a humanoid demon with pale green skin. He had a large fin on his head spreading down his back and small yellow eyes. His jaws were lined with hundreds of sharpened teeth. His skin was warped, resembling melted wax over a thin sheet.


Najuwarle was armed with a set of sharp claws, and a menacing large set of jaws.


Najuwarle was one of the demons present at the Black Sabbath held by Ryo Asuka in the basement of his home. Najuwarle could be seen as many of the demons posses the frightened party goers at the Sabbath, with the fish demon letting out a mighty roar. Najuwarle is presumably killed by Devilman in the resulting battle as Akira goes on his blood fueled rampage.


  • In the original Devilman manga, Najuwarle didn't appear till much later on in the story. There, he was seen multiple times as a part of the mighty demon army that attacked Tokyo after Zennon's speech to the world.