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Nami was the girlfriend of the ever excitable Dr. Yasukura, much to the disapproval of her family. She is a supporting character in the 'Neo Devilman' story, 'The Day Zennon Stood Still'.


Nami was a plain young Japanese woman, with long dark hair held back with a hair tie. She wore baggy, unflattering clothing most of the time.


Nami was a woman of troubled nature. It's hard to say just how close to Yasukura she was, showing more a face or surprise than relief when he appeared at her doorstop after the mass slaughter wrought upon Tokyo by the demon swarm, later when her brother showed annoyance at the two's continued relationship, she seemed almost embarrassed. There were times she tried for him however, playing mother in Yasukura's 'family photo' and giving at least some attention to his boys.

A darker side was certainly bubbling just beneath the surface however, ultimately escaping when she gave into her frustrations and had sex with her brother, and when caught by Yasukura and his children, questioned why he didn't use his boys to vent his own sexual desires on, words she quickly regrets.


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