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The father of the Japanese pop idol singer Nami Kayama, she could only vaguely remember his appearance as he left her mother for a younger woman when she was just a child.


According to Nami's mother he was an American marine who was staying in Japan, he was well muscled and towered over her. he had a thin moustache and slicked backed hair, other than that she could barely remember him.


He was present when Nami was still a very young girl. She remembered him, herself and her mother on a beach one time and while she made sand castles, he and her mother played in the water. She could vaguely remember seeing him towering above her, holding her like a little bird in his mighty arms.

However he eventually left with a young blonde girl never to be seen again by the two, because of this her mother became incredibly protective of Nami, sacrificing her beauty and mental health to do so.